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“Quality isn’t just about certifications.  It is also about reputation.  For the past 30 years Antrim has worked to build a reputation on quality and reliability.  We you decide to partner with us on a project or design you should know our commitment to quality and service is absolute.”
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CWB Certified

Antrim Industries is an ISO 9001:2015 registered company.  Our internal Quality Management System undergoes rigorous annual reviews to maintain and continually improve the effectiveness and efficiency of our performance both in the shop and in the field.  Our welding shop is a certified to CWB 47.1 Div 2, for all your structural requirements.

All high precision components are measured in our climate controlled inspection room to ensure all measurements and readings are as precise as possible.  All required quality documentation and turn-over packages are provided upon request.

QAS International Ltd is an established certification company that provides certification to organizations that have demonstrated, through documented procedures and manuals, that their practices have achieve established international standards. When a company is certified to ISO 9001:2015, it tells customers, potential customers and suppliers worldwide that the company has a sound and documented management system in place.

QAS International Certificate



“We are a local and family run business.  Our staff are not just employees, but our friends and neighbours.  We have a duty and responsibility to make sure each of them make it home safe every day.  We take that responsibility seriously.”

antrim industry

Safety is more important than inconvenience.  There is always pressure to get the job done as quickly and as efficiently as possible.  Our Safety policies and procedures aim to balance the demands of industry while maintaining a commitment to safe work practices.  A strong safety culture is based on shared values that invite employees to speak out about hazards, feel compelled to stop work to prevent incidents and suggest new ways to work more safely.

Antrim Five Essential Rules of Safety
  • PPE – Wear appropriate PPE for the task
  • Fitness for Work – Do not work while fatigued or impaired
  • Safe Operation – No cell phones while driving, always obey the rules of the road and on all customer sites
  • Suspended Loads – Always take the necessary precautions and follow all safe lift polices
  • Speak Up – If you are unsure or untrained to do a task, always tell your supervisor

When it comes to our products and designs often the driving force is improving efficiency in a particular application.  This does not necessarily come at the expense of safety and in fact often we can improve functionality and safety and the same time.  Taking a holistic approach to design and project management is what sets us apart.  Our designs will be in accordance with CSA or any other certification sought during the planning process.



“Alberta is our home too.  We believe in taking care of the environment in which we work and live.”
antrim industry

Antrim is committed to meeting our environmental responsibilities.  Protection of the environment is an important consideration when executing our services.  Our four pillars of good environmental practices are:

  • Preventing – environmental impacts and pollutions both in the shop and on the job site
  • Complying – with all environmental laws, rules and regulations
  • Efficiently – reducing our waste utilizing lean manufacturing principles
  • Training and educating – our employees about reducing environmental waste and pollution
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